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Herbs and Spices

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Bay Leaves - 27gm

Bay Leaves - 27gm£2.69

Chilli Powder - 400g tub

Chilli Powder - 400g tub£3.39

Ground Cinnamon - 430gm

Ground Cinnamon - 430gm£5.89

Ground Ginger - 500gm

Ground Ginger - 500gm£4.79

Madras Curry Powder - 410g tub

Madras Curry Powder - 410g tub£4.59

Mixed Herbs - 140g

Mixed Herbs - 140g£2.69

Oregano - 190g

Oregano - 190g£3.89

Paprika - 425g pot

Paprika - 425g pot£3.29

Schwartz Basil - 145gm

Schwartz Basil - 145gm£4.79

Schwartz Cajun Seasoning - 550g

Schwartz Cajun Seasoning - 550g£6.59

Schwartz Cayenne Pepper - 390g

Schwartz Cayenne Pepper - 390g£3.99

Schwartz Chip Seasoning - 300g

Schwartz Chip Seasoning - 300g£3.99

Schwartz Fajita Seasoning - 530g

Schwartz Fajita Seasoning - 530g£5.89

Schwartz Ground Cumin - 400g

Schwartz Ground Cumin - 400g£4.49

Schwartz Italian Seasoning - 190g

Schwartz Italian Seasoning - 190g£4.59

Schwartz Parsley - 95g

Schwartz Parsley - 95g£2.89

Schwartz Season All Seasoning - 840g

Schwartz Season All Seasoning - 840g£4.97

Thyme - 165gm

Thyme - 165gm£2.89

Tumeric Ground - 1kg bag

Tumeric Ground - 1kg bag£3.59